Friday, October 16, 2009

The Week in Review

Besides the hospital visit on Monday and school on Tuesday and Thursday, Maddie and Ibby have been very busy for the past week or so.

They got extremely excited about some presents two very special boys from Texas sent them. Presents from boys already?!

They pretended to give each other baths in the baby bathtub. I know, I know. In these particular shots, it looks as if Maddie is choking Isabel (and really enjoying herself) but actually she's just washing her hair.

They fed cookies to their babies. This may have been a hint to mom to rethink mealtime. In fact, the other day when I asked the girls what we should have for lunch, Maddie quickly replied, "Chocolate!" Truthfully, that sounded like a great idea to me, but I was a good mommy and served turkey hot dogs, carrots, and raspberries instead.

They read books to themselves and each other.

And every night, they did their very favorite thing...danced naked before bathtime while screaming, "Naked! Naked!" They really like to be nude, and each night, there is a crazy frenzy of naked girl bodies in the family room. It's a sight to see. We have a hilarious five minute video of the bare butt silliness, but you'll have to visit us to get a look at it. Any takers?

Oh, the other big happening at our house this week was that Mocha fell in love with Grover. I suppose it's really more of a love/hate relationship. Every night after the girls go to bed, Mocha hauls Grover out of the Dora tent and wrestles him to the ground. After establishing her dominance, she curls up with him and goes to sleep.

And how was your week?


Lesa said...

That is just so precious, Pam!! I just can't wait for Wendy to be able to cuddle and play with her brother like this. Although she will be the mommy. hehe

I enjoyed sharing your whole entire week with you.

3peas1pod said...

Thank you for that Friday night laugh!! I feel normal now knowing that I don't have the only cat to do crazy things or the only girls that like to shake their naked bottoms before bath time. Mine usually form a conga line in the nude as they pass through the family room on the way to the tub.

Lynn said...

Those boys love their girls!!!! Wait til all 4 of them are prancing around naked. Hmmmm... :)

Sherry said...

Love the pictures. And love the story about Grover.

Melissa said...

That is awesome. I looks like they love thier babies. Please don't tell but we have chocolate before lunch when baba isn't around sometimes :) I also love the story about Mocha. Rixy tries to take Elmo or Kai'lan into her crate but Darby always crawls in and drags them out while yelling "Bad Rixy". I bet you never have a dull moment around your house :)