Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dance School

Isabel and Maddie started taking dance lessons in early September. No surprise. They LOVE it. After each Thursday evening class, they will ask if they can go again tomorrow. An entire week seems like an interminable wait to two excited three year olds. It is amazing to me how intently they listen to their teachers Miss Tara and Miss Eileen and how quickly they caught on to some of the moves even though this is their first formal experience with dance. Oh, we do a lot of dancing around here...especially on Mondays when "Dancing with the Stars" is on. The girls dance right along with the celebrities, wearing tutus and tiaras, sometimes partnering up, often trying to imitate the moves on the screen, and frequently commenting on the stars' wardrobes. Sometimes Daddy is called in for dips. Anyhow, back to dance school. In an effort to get the girls used to performing in front of an audience, there will be several mini recitals during the year, leading up to the BIG recital in June, 2011. On Thursday, they performed for the first time in front of parents and a few grandparents. They wore their Halloween costumes and showed us a few tap and ballet numbers. It was by far one of the cutest things I have ever seen. We didn't get a lot of great photos...they were constantly on the move...but here are a few highlights of the evening.

The Dance Company

Striking a Pose

A Few Ballet Moves

Around and Around

Little Red Riding Hood and Tinkerbell

The Cowgirl and the Princess

It's Fun to See Myself in the Mirror

And Even More Fun to Slam those Tap Shoes into the Floor

Just Checking to See if Mom and Dad are Watching

Monday, October 4, 2010

Philosophical Discussion

Tonight at bedtime, the girls and I were discussing just what their nightly prayer means. "Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep." I reminded them that the Lord is God, and God lives in heaven.

"Grandpa is in heaven," said Isabel.
"That's right. Grandpa is in heaven," I replied.
"He's not sick anymore," said Maddie.
"No, he's not sick anymore. He's with God."
"In heaven?" questioned Maddie.
"Yes, honey, in heaven."
"By the clouds," said Ibby.
"And the moon," added Maddie. "Is God the moon?"
"No, God is not the moon."
"Is God a boy or girl?" asked Maddie.
"Well, God is a boy."
"Like Daddy is a boy?" said Isabel.
"Yes, like Daddy."
"I can't play on the moon because the moon is too far away," surmised Maddie
"That's right, honey,"
"We could ride in an airplane like Daddy," suggested Isabel. "It goes up, like this, and then lands, like this."
"That's what a plane does, but a regular plane won't get us to the moon."
"We could ride in a rocket ship like Caillou." Maddie loves Caillou.
"I'll get the lipstick [lip balm]," said Ibby.
And off to bed.