Thursday, January 14, 2010

Go Fly a Kite

Last weekend was cold. Now, I'm not talking MY idea of cold which is about fifty degrees. I'm talking really, really cold...below zero to be exact...which is cold by anybody's standards. But here in Minnesota, if you let the cold deter you, well, you just wouldn't leave your house until May, so you have to suck it up, put on layers, and get out the cold...and So that's just what we did.

Kites galore were flying over Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, so Richard, the girls, and I and some friends of ours braved the cold to see the kites, do a little ice fishing, roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate. By early afternoon, the mercury had soared to PLUS eight...wahooo...a heat wave, so we bundled up and headed to the lake. I didn't get a lot of pictures because I refused to take off my gloves in order to operate the camera, but here are a couple of shots to prove we were there.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Holiday Sampler

In the past two weeks, we have celebrated four Christmases, one birthday, and one new year. The time for presents and parties has come to an end, but it sure was fun while it lasted. Here are a few photos of all the excitement.
The girls had loads of fun loading Grandma up with stuffed animals. Not sure how much fun this was for Grandma...although I think that's the hint of a smile on her face.

Maddie and Ibby get their wings...fairy wings, that is, and the new Tinkerbell movie from Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob. Life is grand.

Here are Ibby and Maddie with Pam's niece "Karin" and her husband "Ick," or as they are known to most people, Erin and Erik. Please note that Maddie is wearing her fairy wings. She does take them off to sleep and bathe, but that's about it.

Opening the presents that were under the tree was fun.

Discovering the doll house in the toy room was even more fun.

The stuffed animals, the cat and the moose who eat cupcakes and muffins respectively, were a hit as were the accompanying books.

Playing in the snow was a definite highlight of the day.

The second day indoors due to extremely cold temps, it was time for something new. Out came the Hello Kitty tent which has been in the back of the closet for a few months. It was just like a brand new toy!

Time for a tea party...

...and some indoor gymnastics.

More presents,

more dress up,

and a new friend made for a super fun day.

Despite the recent loss of my dad which weighed heavily on my heart all through the holidays, this was, bar none, the best Christmas and New Year's EVER! It meant the world to have both of our girls home with us, and they are at an age when everything about the holdays was so much fun...for them as well as us. That said, I am relieved the holidays are over, and we can get back to our regular routine. It's January 4, and the girls aren't bored with their new toys, so that's a good thing. Though we aren't used to getting up, getting dressed, and getting out the door, it's back to school tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. Maddie has been having some pretty leisurely breakfasts lately...she's just not much of a morning eater. It will be interesting to see if we can speed up the process somewhat come Tuesday. It's been great having the girls all to myself the past two weeks, but I have a feeling they are going to be quite excited to get back to their teachers and friends. Happy New Year, everyone!