Monday, February 23, 2009

Fingerprints and Colds

I forgot to mention that we received our rescheduled fingerprint appointment notice in the mail before we left for Arizona. We are going in on March 4. The way things have been going with USCIS lately, I am guessing it will be less than a week before we receive our approval. Hooray!

Isabel and I both have nasty colds. I have the worst sore throat I have ever had in my life...well, that's not exactly true, It's the same degree of discomfort I felt just six weeks ago when this virus or whatever it is started. I don't think I've ever gotten rid of it; it just keeps waxing and waning. I think I am going to have to break down and see a doctor. Isabel is amazing. If she feels as bad as I do, she sure doesn't show it. We are trying not to let our stuffy noses put a damper on our vacation though. On Sunday we went to a Wildlife Zoo (not the Phoenix city zoo) north of the city. I'm not a huge fan of zoos, but this one was really nice. Isabel was mobbed by hungry goats in the kids' petting zoo. I do have a picture, but I didn't bring the proper cord to upload pictures, so you'll have to wait to see it until we get home,

Today, after we dropped Daddy off at the place he's working all week, we went to a mall near our hotel which had a great play area. I found some great deals for the girls at Old Navy. I bought some cotton dresses for TWO DOLLARS apiece. Oh, and I happened to find a very cute spring bag at Macy's for far more than two dollars, but I realized the other day that I had packed away all my purses when we put the house on the market, and since it's spring (well, at least here in AZ anyway), I needed a cute new bag. Strike that. WANTED a new spring bag. I haven't really purchased anything for myself in awhile, and hey, I'm sick, so I needed just a little pick me up. Anyhow, it's a Lucky brand canvas bag with what looks like a cherry blossom print with green and pink suede trim. Super cute.

So Isabel and I are back at the hotel now. I'm hoping she's ready for a nap soon...although she's very busy right now taking pieces of paper from the hotel notepad and placing them all over the living room, and then rearranging and replacing them. I'm not sure what this game is, but she's enjoying herself very much.


Sherry said...

Great news on the fingerprint appt. We are getting closer and closer to getting our girls home. It only took us 4 days after getting fingerprinted to get our new letter in the mail. You might just be traveling in April after all.

Sorry you guys are sick. Glad the shopping for a new purse helped you feel better. And you came up with lots of good excuses to buy it. Just like I would have.


Get some sleep and some sunshine and you'll feel better soon -- I hope. And hot tea. You need hot tea and honey.