Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Funny Things Isabel Knows and Can Do

Isabel amazes us daily with what she knows. In fact, I am quite sure she knows a lot more than we are even giving her credit for. Here are some of the things she’s learned lately.
When she gives anyone a kiss, whether it be me or Daddy or the cats or a stuffed animal, she makes a big MWAAAAAH sound. It’s so funny.
She knows that a cow says mooooooo, a sheep says baaaaaa, a kitty says meow (in a high, squeaky voice), and a puppy says fffffffffff (her version of woof.) She will tell you each of these sounds when you ask.
I haven’t really done a count, but my best guess is that she knows somewhere around 30 signs. The most humorous one is the sign for cold. You make your hands into fists, and then bend your arms up, and shake them like you are shivering. Isabel adds to it by gritting her teeth and shaking her head. Honestly, it looks like she’s seizing.
She is doing a lot of dancing these days. Any music will spur her to turn circles, sometimes until she’s dizzy. She can also dance on command. And jump. She will jump when you ask her to. And she will alternate between jumping and dancing when prompted.
Cooking is still a big thing. She makes several dishes a day, and Daddy and Pooh and Piglet and the cats and her baby and I do a lot of taste testing.
Anybody who is small enough and can sit still long enough will get a ride in her umbrella stroller. I think she’d love to wheel the cats around, but they’re not having it. Mainly, Bitty Baby and her pink teddy Fuzzy get the rides. Our carpet doesn’t have vacuum tracks. It has stroller tracks.
When it’s nap time, Isabel will go to the refrigerator to signal that she wants her milk, and then she’ll walk to her room. She generally knows when she’s tired and ready to sleep.
This probably is going to come back to haunt us, but we’ve taught her to say, “No, no, no, no, no” to the cats when they get up on the kitchen island or a counter. She shakes her finger and admonishes them firmly. As she gets older, we are quite sure we are going to hear more of those no’s probably when we don’t want to.
At night, all we have to do is say the word “bath,” and she is off to the bathroom, no questions asked. She loves bathtime with Daddy.
Isabel can point to all of the following body parts when asked where each is: head, nose, eyes, ears, hair, belly button, hands, feet. When asked to show her teeth, she will bare all of them and chomp up and down sort of like Jaws.
In the cold, dry winter weather, lip balm is a necessity. When I tell her we have to put her lipstick on, she will purse her lips in anticipation. What a girly girl!
When she’s playing with her kitchen, she will make a shhhhhh sound (like running water) and pretend she’s washing her hands in the sink.
She consistently makes the signs for “please” and “thank you” at the appropriate times.
I read recently that it takes a person the rest of his or her life to amass the amount of knowledge accumulated in the first three years. Isn’t that incredible? No wonder kids get so darn tired. That’s a lot of brain work.


Sherry said...

I wish I could come to visit to see all the fun things Isabel can do. And I'd love to do some taste testing and take a ride in the stroller.


Lynn said...

You have such a smart girl. And beautiful. And sweet. I love your girl!

Pam said...

Sherry, you are welcome any time. Don't you need a little vacation from the cold Michigan weather? Come to Minnesota where it's only eight below! Seriously, we'd love to have you. Think about it. And Lynnie, our girl loves you, too. She misses her buddy Will! I wish they could play together every day!

Susan said...

I love reading about Isabel's ever-blooming personaliity! I do hope to meet her and her sister in the not so distant future. Am I hearing a possible reunion plan in Minnesota? ; )


3peas1pod said...

Great idea to write these things down. They are all too soon forgotten. They are memories to be cherished. What a little cutie pie.

Sherry said...

Funny Pam, It's 1 below here this morning. Yesterday it was 9 above out and I though it seemed warm. Funny how your body gets used to the cold every year. I've been in Minnesota in January -- you are crazy if you think I'd do it again.

I'd love to come for a visit -- too back the 'lake' is in the way or I could drive there. Right now I need to save all our pennies for a trip to China someone -- maybe in 2009. So maybe after that.

Maybe I can drag Susan and Maiya with me too.


Pam said...

Darn lake.