Friday, July 11, 2008

A Solution to the Hair Dilemma

All women know it is difficult to grow out one's hair. Believe me, it is even more difficult to grow out a one year old's hair. Currently, Isabel has bangs. I don't want her to have bangs. I want her hair to all eventually be one length. If I cut her bangs, we'll have to grow them out later, so I figure we'll just suffer through it now. Here's the dilemma. Her bangs now cover her eyes, so we have to do something to keep the hair from blocking her vision. That's why somebody smart invented barrettes, right? Well, barrettes are fine and good if the wearer will leave them IN her hair. Isabel has been perfectly content to wear barrettes until yesterday. Now, she yanks one out just as fast as I can get it in. Then, it usually finds its way directly to her mouth. No good. I always wondered why mothers put their daughters' hair up in a mini pony-tail on top of their heads. I thought it was kind of goofy looking...until I figured out that it's the only viable solution I have right now to keep Isabel's hair out of her eyes. She touches the Pebbles ponytail but can't get the rubber band out. Dilemma solved.


Lynn said...

Could your child be any cuter? I miss that silly girl (oh, yeah and her parents!).

Sherry said...

Love the new blog -- I'll have to add it to my blog list. Glad to see you are posting again so that I can see that sweet baby girl more.

And I LOVE the Pebbles look -- she wears it well.

Miss you!!

eebss said...

Thanks for the invite to the new blog! It's a very enjoyable read:)