Friday, July 11, 2008

Isabel Discovers the Kitchen

If you have been to our house, you know that you must go down one step either from the hallway or the kitchen to enter the family room. For nine weeks now, we have been able to successfully contain Isabel in the family room proper because she could not get over the step. Well, all of that changed today. She has learned how to heave herself over the step and into the kitchen. She begins by propping her arms up on the step. Then she lifts as much of her torso as she can onto the step and lies flat on the wood floor, face down. Then she stretches her right leg out to the side practically perpendicular to the rest of her body and props it up precariously on the step. Then she is able to use her arms to haul the rest of her body up and over. She is so proud and happy when she finds herself on the wood floor of the kitchen that she will do two or three "sit and spins" to celebrate. Then she heads directly for the cat food.


Lynn said...

Laughing Out Loud. I love the description of her getting over the step. Will discovered the kichen this week too. Slamming cabinet doors (Daddy just finished putting locks on those), the pantry door and my new all time favorite - sticking his head through Sadie's doggy door. Have to watch him like a hawk. This is such a fun age - watching them discover their world.

Pam said...

You have to get a picture of him sticking his head out the doggie door. Hilarious! Don't you love the look of pride on their faces when they accomplish their goal?