Thursday, July 14, 2011

Out of Surgery and Feelin' Fine...So Far

First things first. Maddie is out of surgery and doing fine.

We arrived at Shriners Hospital in Minneapolis at 8:00 a.m. After three rousing rounds of the memory game, our first ever viewing of "Mulan II," and some sticker fun, it was finally time for Maddie to get ready to go to the OR. It was nearly noon, and despite the fact that she hadn't had anything to eat or drink since last night, Maddie didn't complain once...even when her parents and sister had a hearty breakfast right in front of her.

Surgery lasted nearly three hours. Excruciating. But all went well.

She is currently sporting a bright pink cast and watching "Pooh's Heffalump Movie while we wait for her specially ordered dinner: Mac and cheese and watermelon. She is in no pain because of an epidural which will be wearing off in an hour or so. At that time, she'll start oral pain meds. We are hoping for a comfortable, uneventful night, and if all goes well, Maddie will go home tomorrow.

Miss Isabel has been a real trouper all day, too.

We are happy surgery is over. Now begins the six to eight week road to recovery. More details later when I get off this ipad and onto a real computer.


Sherry said...

What a blessing that everything went well. I have been thinking about you guys today. Big hugs to you all!!! I'm praying Maddie will have a good night and will be able to rest up.

Thanks for the update. Try and get some sleep too.

Love ya,

Melissa said...

So glad to hear that all went well!

Cynthia said...

Happy to hear all is well and Maddie is doing so well....knew she would. Bet she can't wait for the cast to come off and she can start running around again. Enjoy your summer.