Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween: Part Two

If you know anything about Richard and me, you won't be surprised that for her second Halloween costume, we got Isabel...what else...a kitty outfit. It wasn't as cold this year as it has been many years past, but once the sun set, it was still a bit chilly, so the furry costume was the perfect apparel for the evening. All that practice trick or treating last weekend really paid off. Each time Ibby approached a door, she dutifully stuck out her basket to get a treat. She most enjoyed hanging out with Scooby Doo (her sweet friend Hanna). She was absolutely mesmerized by Hanna's transformation into the crime fighting dog. Speaking of dogs, Ibby tried to share some of her treats with a yellow lab named Rose, oh, and she "gave" all of her tootsie rolls to Daddy. (Not sure if this was voluntary on Isabel's part or not). All in all, it was a fun night for the whole family.


Lynn said...

I'm thinking that Rose was quite confused - a friendly kitty? Adorable as usual.

Our Girls said...

VERY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is Such a Pretty GIRL!!!
Happt Belated halloween!