Saturday, November 8, 2008

Half a Year Home Today

Today marks six months since Isabel has been home with us. It's hard to believe that much time has passed so quickly. Just this morning, Richard and I were marveling at how she's changed. When we brought her home from Guatemala, she was just a baby, ten months old. We could sit her down in one spot, and she would stay right there. She was still drinking bottles. She spoke no words. She played, but not purposefully. Now, I am startled when I look at her and realize she is becoming quite the big girl. Her personality, sweet and goofy, curious and intelligent, has emerged. She is running and skipping. She speaks about ten words and can almost tell you her name when you ask. ("What's your name," we'll say. "Isa," she'll respond, sometimes adding after a pause and some prompting "A-bell.") She can sign probably twenty words and phrases. Just yesterday, she did please and bear for the very first time. She is beginning to play pretend. She "talks" on her phone and feeds her baby and stuffed animals. She is bonded with us. Though attachment was never an issue due in large part to our many visits, our relationship has definitely cemented over the past few months. She will give us hugs and kisses of her own volition. She sings and dances. She knows several songs and rhymes and will gesture along. She can follow instructions even if she does forget from time to time what no means. That is just a sampling of her development.

Each day, Richard and I count our lucky stars that Isabel is our daughter. There was most definitely divine intervention in our coming together. Each day, we are amazed at what she has learned since the day before. Each day, even though it seems impossible, we love her more and more and more. We look forward with great joy and anticipation to what the months and years ahead have in store.


Lynn said...

Ok, I am crying. Don't ask me why. I am just in awe of these children we were given. Love you guys!

Sherry said...

And she looks and sounds like she has been your daughter since birth.

And I love that she is goofy.

Can't wait to meet her someone --- soon.


M & M said...

Congratulations, times really does fly. Your post brought tears of joy to my eyes...just has Isabel brings such joy into your lives.