Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Encounter with Hannibal Lecter

Okay, the little girl's name is Sophie, but the gist is the same. Sophie bit Isabel in the face yesterday at ECFE. Yes. Bit. In the FACE! Sophie is an overly friendly 19 month old who likes to hug and kiss other little kids. Okay, fine, but she goes too far, kissing too fervently and hugging too tightly. So she has Isabel in a clinch, and hey, Ibby is an affectionate little girl, so she's tolerating it until she decides enough is enough and tries to push Sophie away which just makes Sophie hold on all the tighter. Just as I have my hand on Sophie's hand (which is by this time clutched tightly around Isabel's throat) and am about to pull her off, Sophie bares her little fangs...uh...teeth...and latches onto Isabel's face. Up to this point, despite all the unwanted affection, Ibby had been pretty quiet, but now, she lets out a loud wail. So finally, Sophie's mom intervenes and hauls her kid off of my kid who is now crying HARD. The bite occurred awfully close to her eye, but thankfully, didn't injure it. So now Isabel is sporting a good sized red welt (about the size of a nickel) and has the beginnings of her first black eye. She is going to make an awfully tough looking Little Red Riding Hood come Halloween. We'll just tell everyone she took on the Big Bad Wolf and won. But what a trooper. She cried for five, maybe ten minutes tops, and afterwards, was her happy, little easygoing self. What a girl.

Richard and I discussed the incident at length last night after Isabel went to bed. You try so hard to protect your children and keep them safe, and in a split second, boom, injury. Thankfully, this was minor, but it makes you think about how quickly things can happen. Still, I would rather be the mother of the bitee than the biter. There are some real behavior issues to deal with there. Yeah, come to find out, Isabel wasn't the first child Sophie has taken a bite out of. Every time I look at Isabel's eye, I want to be mad at somebody. Sophie? No, not fair. She's just a kid and obviously doesn't know any better. The mom? Well, a little, but kids do bite at this age, and I'm sure it's not an easy thing to deal with. Myself? If I just would have...or...I should have...or I could have...doesn't change the fact that it happened. So. Isabel has her first injury. And despite what my sister said after I relayed the incident to her, I do not plan to homeschool.

Tuesday, Two Hours After the Incident

Today, Looking a Bit Worse


Lynn said...

Oh, Sophie. Don't you hurt my baby! Will will get ya!!

M & M said...

Poor thing! She still looks absolutely precious tho. Mama, you got a tough cookie there.

Sherry said...

She's still adorable -- even with a bite mark.